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Health and Dental Plan

The UBCSUO Extended Health and Dental Plan is designed to provide many important services and cover expenses not covered by your basic provincial health care (i.e. MSP), such as prescription drugs, dental care and travel coverage. All students in good standing with the university who are members of the UBCSUO and who are taking at least one course per term are automatically enrolled in Health and Dental Plan.

What’s Covered?

As a member of your student Health Plan, you have access to health, dental, vision, and travel benefits. Please note that the UBCSUO Health Plan does not cover your BC Medical Services Plan premiums nor does it replace it.

Please refer to www.ihaveaplan / 1-877-795-4427 for detailed coverage information.

Covered by Another Plan?

You can opt out of the UBCSUO Health and/or Dental Plan during the appropriate Change-of-Coverage period and have the Plan fee reversed from your student account if you have equivalent health and/or dental coverage—typically a group benefits plan provided through an employer or your parents or a spouse’s employer. You will need to provide proof of your other group benefits, such as a copy of your benefits card or a letter from the employer. You can only opt out of the Health Plan with proof of similar coverage and you can only opt out of the Dental Plan with proof of similar coverage.  Opt outs are completed through an online system that is fast, secure and convenient. Visit for details.

Students cannot opt out if they only have MSP.

Aboriginal Students who receive their health/dental coverage from Health Canada may use their Status card as proof of other coverage.

Please note: You are responsible for paying all university fees within the prescribed deadlines. If you don’t pay the UBCSUO Plan fee by the Change-of-Coverage deadline, you may be assessed late fees and interest. It is recommended that you pay all university fees even if you have opted out of the plan. After your opt out is completed, the UBCSUO Health and Dental Plan fees will be reversed from your student account.

What is the Change-of-Coverage Period?

The Change-of-Coverage Period occurs in early September for students beginning their studies in Term 1, and in early January for students beginning their studies in Term 2. Change-of-Coverage deadlines are posted at and

For more information and plan details, please contact:

Student Service Coordinator
Student Health & Dental Plans
Phone: 250.807.8842
Fax: 250.807.8079

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