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Health Insurance for International Students

There are two basic plans (iMED and MSP) and one extended plan (Green Shield Health and Dental Plan) for International Students at UBC's Okanagan campus.


The University provides a mandatory basic medical insurance plan (iMED) for all NEW International students as a condition of registering as a student (excludes Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. iMED covers emergency hospitalization and medical services (including doctor’s visits) for unexpected sickness or injury. All new students who pay international tuition fees are automatically assessed insurance fees.

Coverage period: New international students are automatically covered for the three-month waiting period before they become eligible for BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP).

For more information, visit the iMED website.

Opting Out

If you are already covered by MSP, by another Canadian provincial health plan, or by mandatory health insurance provided by a third-party sponsor with whom UBC O has an agreement, you must opt out of iMED before the end of your third week of classes at UBC O.

For opt-out instructions and forms, visit the iMED website.

BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP)

Anyone residing in BC for longer than six months is required by law to enroll in MSP and pay premiums directly to the plan. However, there is a waiting period of three months before any newcomer to BC is eligible for BC MSP.

For more information, visit the MSP website.

Extended Health & Dental Plan

All students at the UBC Okanagan campus are also members of the University of British Columbia Students' Union Okanagan (UBCSUO) and are covered by the UBCSUO Extended Health and Dental Plan. The extended health and dental plan provides coverage for expenses not covered by MSP such as prescription drugs, travel health insurance, paramedical services, and dental care.

Change of coverage period: As soon as students begin their year of studies, they are encouraged to opt out (if eligible) or add family members (an additional charge will apply) to their plan. The deadline to opt-out or add-on to the health plan is September 20th (January 20th for Term 2) of each year. After the deadline, changes to the plan cannot be made. Once the change of coverage period is over, changes cannot be made to the plan.

For information on plan fees or coverage, see Health and Dental Plan, visit the UBCSUO website, or contact the Health and Dental Plan Coordinator.

UBC Okanagan Students’ Union
Room UNC133 University Centre
Telephone: 250.807.8076

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