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Dean's Message

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With more than 800 graduate and professional students from around the globe, UBC’s Okanagan campus strives to be an exciting intellectual community that reaches across disciplinary boundaries.

Our graduate students come to the Okanagan campus—situated in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia—to engage in scholarship, innovation and creativity, to challenge ideas and theories, and to help create new knowledge, understanding and expression.

UBC is one of the Top-40 research-intensive universities in the world, and the 21st-century Okanagan campus represents a research-intensive institution designed to serve the post-secondary education needs of BC’s Southern Interior region. Graduate and postdoctoral fellows are a critical component of this mission.

The role of the College of Graduate Studies is to support graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and the UBC Okanagan community in achieving a tier-one academic, professional and personal experience. We seek to ensure an efficient, transparent, responsive and consistent administration of graduate programs and awards.

We are also mandated with:

  • Evaluation and quality assurance of graduate programs;
  • Advocacy for graduate and postdoctoral issues and needs within the larger university and regional communities;
  • Support of academic writing workshops (through the Centre for Scholarly Communication);
  • Teaching assistantship workshops (through the Centre for Teaching and Learning);
  • Graduate supervision workshops; and
  • Professional development workshops.

We are very proud of our extraordinary graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, staff and growing body of alumni who are integral part to this dynamic community of scholars, thinkers, artists and leaders.

–Miriam Grant, Vice-Provost and Dean of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies

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