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Alternate Languages

Theses must be written in English; however, Interdisciplinary Studies (IGS) students who are registered in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies may be approved to write the thesis in French.

The following regulations apply to theses written in French:

  1. The oral examination will be conducted in French.
  2. The Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies must ensure the requisite supervisory committee members, with the necessary language background and familiarity with the field of French literature, are available to supervise the thesis. It is the responsibility of the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies to ensure there are sufficient faculty members, with no conflict of interest, to participate on supervisory committees and as University Examiner and Neutral Chair. 
  3. The small number of faculty at UBCO who have language fluency in French may mean University Examiners could come from UBCV.
  4. The thesis will be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies with a Title, Abstract, Preface, and Table of Contents translated into English. 

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