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Research Ethics

Any research or study conducted at UBC facilities (including UBC's affiliated hospitals) or undertaken by persons connected to the University that involves human subjects, animals, bio-hazardous materials, or potential environmental impact must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate UBC research ethics board.  This must be done before you start your research.

Please visit the Office of Research Services for more information regarding how to apply for approval.

Certificate Numbers in Thesis

The numbers of the UBC Certificates of Ethical Approval for all research reported in your thesis must be listed in the Preface. Please include the number of the original certificate pertaining to the research in your thesis, and the numbers of the certificates for any significant changes or additions that were approved.

NOTE: Please do not include copies of certificates in your thesis.

Personal Information

The final copy of your thesis must be free of all personal information as defined in the Privacy Act.

Signatures are considered to be personal information, and must be removed from the final copy of the thesis.


Download complete document: Dealing with Plagiarism by Graduate Students

Plagiarism is intellectual theft. It occurs when an individual submits or presents the oral or written work of another person as his or her own. This applies to draft work and oral presentations as well as to final submissions. Failing to properly cite the work of another also constitutes plagiarism, even if it is accidental.

Plagiarism by graduate students will be reported to the College of Graduate Studies. For complete details on the process and disciplinary procedures, download the document Dealing with Plagiarism by Graduate Students.

You are responsible for understanding what constitutes plagiarism, and for ensuring that you do not commit any act of plagiarism under any circumstances.

Additional resources to help you understand plagiarism:


UBC's Okanagan campus subscribes to Turnitin, an online system that compares written material with the web and with other material submitted to its database.



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