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Final Doctoral Dissertation Oral Examination


Effective January 1, 2015, please refer to the Handbook of Supervision & Examination for the current processes.

Handbook of Supervision & Examination


Download the Handbook of Supervision & Examination

Recent Revisions to the Handbook of Supervision and Examination


If you would like a updated copy of the Handbook of Supervision & Examination and/or the scheduling process charts, hard copies are available at our office in EME 2121.

If you have questions, regarding scheduling a Master's examination, please contact and we will send you a Q&A of commonly Asked Questions.

Oral Examination Scheduling Process Charts

Doctoral Dissertation Oral Examination Scheduling Process chart- process effective January 1, 2015

Thesis and Dissertation Examination Forms

Doctoral Dissertation Initiating Examination forms

Doctoral Dissertation Final Submission forms


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