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This section is only for final, post-defence submission of theses and dissertations.

Please follow these steps in order:

1.  Download and complete the following forms from the College of Graduate Studies website:

2.  Fill in and place the Committee Recommendation form as your second page to your final pdf thesis or dissertation that you will be submitting electronically to the College of Graduate Studies.

3. When you have completed your thesis defence your supervisor will hold onto your Approval & Completion form until you have made all revisions and are ready to begin final submission.  Your Approval and Program Completion form must be submitted at the same time you hand in ALL other forms. Your Approval and Program Completion form must have original signatures of your supervisor, External or UE, committee members and your Graduate Program Coordinator. The form can be scanned and emailed to

We suggest that you send all your forms in prior to planned submission date.  YOUR CIRCLE ACCOUNT CANNOT BE ACTIVATED UNTIL THE COLLEGE OF GRADUATE STUDIES HAS RECEIVE YOUR THESIS FORMS.  

4.  Set up your cIRcle account by going to the UBC Library cIRcle User Registration page. See cIRcle Instructions for more details. Once you have created your cIRcle account, you will be sent an email message that allows you to set your password.

5.  IMPORTANT: After setting your password, send an email to:  (UBCO students)

to request that your account be activated. You must include your name and email address in the body of the email.You will be notified when your account has been activated and you are able to submit your thesis. Please send the email AFTER you have submitted your forms, as your account cannot be activated until the forms have arrived at the appropriate Grad Studies office.

6.  Convert your thesis to a single PDF. The PDF file must be compatible with Adobe Acrobat version 5, and must not be in "secured" format. Secured PDFs cannot be archived in perpetuity.

The preferred conversion tool is Adobe Acrobat. This ETD Tutorial provides information about PDFs including conversion from Microsoft Word to PDF.

Name the file using the following format, all lower case:

Example: ubc_2014_september_houdini_harry.pdf

Your gradmonth is the month in which your degree will formally be conferred by Senate. It will be either February, May, September, or November. It might not be the same as the month in which you will be attending Congregation (convocation ceremonies), as Congregation is only held in May and November.

6.  Submit your thesis to cIRcle. Your thesis will be reviewed and you will be notified by email if any changes need to be made.

Submit to the collection "Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) 2008+". Do NOT submit to "GSS Open Scholar Award" collection as theses and dissertations are not eligible for this award.

Important: You must continue to check your email after submission so that you can make any required corrections. Your submission is not complete and you will not meet deadlines until your thesis has been approved, and you have received an official email receipt.

If your thesis does not meet the UBC required standards upon your 1st submission, it will be sent back to you, requesting that you resubmit it.  If your thesis continues to NOT meet UBC standards, your thesis upon each subsequent submission will be returned to you and placed in the queue in corresponding order of date received. When your thesis meets Graduate Studies' requirements, you will receive email notification that it has been added to the UBC Library's cIRcle Institutional Repository.


If you want to request a delay in publication of your thesis, you must do this before you submit electronically. See How to Request a Delay in Publication for instructions.


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