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Copyright and Publishing


Please see Copyright at UBC for detailed information.

Ownership of work

Electronic theses are subject to the same copyright protection as paper documents. Students hold copyright to their theses regardless of the method of submission.


Copying material that was produced by persons other than the thesis author may violate the law of copyright. See Avoiding Copyright Violations on this website, and the UBC Library FAQ about permissions.

Distribution Licences

When you are obtaining permission to use copyrighted material in your thesis, the copyright holder(s) must agree to the UBC Thesis Licence Agreement and the Library and Archives Canada Non-Exclusive Licence.

Publishing your Thesis Elsewhere

You own the copyright to your thesis as a whole and are free to publish your thesis if you wish. If your thesis includes any work (e.g. figures, tables, etc.) which is copyrighted to another party, you may need their permission to publish.

You should be aware that many former students in North America are contacted by a publishing company which searches the internet for theses. The company then contacts the writer expressing specific interest in his or her thesis, and offers to publish it. You are free to do this if you wish, but you should research the company first to ensure that it is a reputable academic publisher. There are usually discussions between former students online which can give you an insight into the value of publishing with a particular company.

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