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Policy on Improvement Required Progress Reports

An assessment of “Improvement Required” on the annual progress report indicates that the student is progressing, but requires improvement in one or more areas.

When an improvement required progress report is filed, steps must be taken to ensure due process and encourage remediation of the issues.

Procedural steps taken when a student receives an “improvement required” progress report

  • The student should receive a hard copy of the report including details regarding:
    • where improvements are needed,
    • the next steps that the student needs to take,
    • deadlines that need to be met,
    • details regarding upcoming scheduled meetings to discuss progress towards these goals.
    • Responsibilities of the supervisor, supervisory committee members or program coordinator, where appropriate, should also be clearly specified.
  • A follow-up meeting should be held no later than the end of the term following the submission of the progress report.A summary of the results of that meeting should be sent to the program coordinator and copied to the College of Graduate Studies.


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