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Handbook of Supervision and Examination

The Handbook of Supervision & Examination will give you everything you need to know on the following:

  • Supervisors and Supervisory Committees
    • Selection of a Supervisor
    • Responsibilities of Supervisors
  • Regulations for Thesis/Dissertation
  • Regulations for Master's Thesis Examinations
  • Regulations for Doctoral Dissertation Examinations
  • Master's Thesis and Thesis Examination Administrative Processes
  • Doctoral Dissertation and Dissertation Examination Administrative Processes

Download the Handbook of Supervision & Examination

Recent Revisions to the Handbook of Supervision and Examination

Commonly Asked Questions

To help answer some of the commonly asked questions regarding scheduling an examination, see below.

Doctoral Dissertation Question and Answer Sheet

Master's Thesis Question and Answer Sheet

Oral Examination Scheduling Process Charts

Doctoral Dissertation Oral Examination Scheduling Process chart- process effective January 1, 2015

Master's Thesis Oral Examination Scheduling Process chart - process effective January 1, 2015

Thesis and Dissertation Examination Forms

Thesis and Dissertation Examination forms

Thesis and Dissertation Final Submission forms


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