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Scheduling an Oral Examination

Why are we required to provide (3) dates and times for the examination on the Notice of Oral Examination forms?

If CoGS is booking your room, WE REQUIRE 3 DATES AND TIMES to ensure that:

  • A room is available given we have very limited room capacity on UBC Okanagan campus;
  • We can meet the equipment requirements stated on your form (a/v, v/c & teleconference).

Why does one of the scheduling dates have to be after 3pm?

Given that we have limited room capacity during “peak” hours we have greater success in securing a room in “off-peak” hours.

If I have space available to book the examination, does CoGS still require (3) dates and times for the examination?

No. However, the room must:

  • Be large enough to seat the entire examining committee plus allow for the public to attend;
  • Be equipped with tele-video conferencing equipment if the External is unable to attend in person;
  • Be equipped with an a/v set-up to allow for the student’s presentation;
  • Be booked for 4 hours to cover the entire student’s presentation, examination and deliberation.

My committee members, external, UE, and Neutral Chair have all agreed to one date and time.  Am I ok to proceed with only one date for my initiating form?

Yes, Only if you are able to book your own room for this exam. See question above for room requirements.    

How long should I block off a room for a scheduled exam?

The room should be booked for a minimum of 4 to 4 ½ hours.The breakdown for the exam is:

  • The student should be allowed ½ hour prior to the exam to practice and setup;
  • The student’s presentation is 10 to 30 minutes long;
  • The examination should be up to 2 hours;
  • Deliberation should be around 1/2 hour.

What is the policy on support of Oral Defence by video conferencing?

The video conferencing policy states:

  • Only one participant per examination is allowed to participate by video conferencing.
  • Preference will be given to the External if a Doctoral exam and for a Master’s exam to the University Examiner.
  • If a second person is required to participate by video conference, permission is required from the Dean.
  • Teleconferencing and video conferencing cannot occur at the same time due to the fact that they are incompatible with being able to hear the other participant;
  • When participating by video conference, time zones must be considered.

If video conferencing is required for the examination, who is responsible for booking the video conferencing equipment through IT services?

If the College of Graduate Studies (CoGS) books your final examination room, CoGS would be responsible.  If the program has booked the space, they would be responsible.

Do I need IT event support for the examination if the External is coming in person?

Maybe.  If you feel the student needs support from an IT technician in using the a/v equipment, then we would suggest you put in an IT request for event support.  

Semi-Dedicated Space - UNC 334

The College of Graduate Studies has been granted access to use UNC 334 as a semi-dedicated space for our Master’s and Doctoral examinations.  Although, we are sharing UNC 334 with other users, it is a viable option to those struggling to find an examination room.

UNC 334 has been renovated with proper ceiling tiles for better acoustics and is equipped with both a tele-v/c conferencing and a/v system.  The room accommodates plus 20 people and is set up in classroom style. We ask when using the room that you do not move the furniture around and clean up after using.

Grad Studies has been granted direct booking access to UBC’s Web Room Booking system.  This means that if you wish to use this room you will need to provide Grad Studies with your available dates/times PRIOR TO handing in the initiating paperwork for the student’s examination.  This is because if you do not, the time slots could be filled by the time the paperwork gets to our office and is processed.  You will be notified immediately if that time slot is available and booked for you.














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