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Forms for Fees

Tuition Schedule "B" Form

This form is only applicable to master's students. Students should carefully read the information regarding tuition payment schedules listed in the Academic Calendar. The normal fee for the part-time master's degree is payable in three installments per year according to the schedule (plus authorized student fees). No candidate who selects Schedule B will pay total fees of less than the first nine installments (plus authorized student fees).

Tuition Payroll Deduction – Fee Deferral

This form is used for the following reasons:

1. Payroll deduction policy for domestic graduate students who will be employed as Teaching or Research Assistants:

  • Students must be on semi-monthly payroll and have a minimum of four months’ employment corresponding to a Summer Session or Winter Session term.
  • A separate application is required for each session.
  • A Student Appointment Notice (available from your Department Secretary) must accompany the application form for it to be complete.
  • The University has the prerogative to deny payroll deduction privileges if fees are outstanding from a previous term. It is the student’s responsibility to determine if money is owed from previous terms by checking the Student Service Centre at

2. Payroll deduction policy for domestic graduate students receiving external awards:

  • External award recipients must submit a UBC External Award Activation Form ( along with the Payroll Deduction/Fee Deferral Application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Awards. This form must be received by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Awards, at least six weeks before fees are due. Only one application form is required for the duration of the award.

3. Tuition fee deferral policy: This option is only available to international graduate students who:

  • are employed as Teaching or Research Assistants.

Sponsorship Third Party Billing

If you are being sponsored for your tuition (i.e. by your Band or Métis Council), they need to fill out a "Third Party Billing" form.  If a copy of this form is not received by the appropriate deadline, you will be responsible for paying your own tuition. One form per student must be completed and faxed to (604) 822-2417. The Tuition Fee Payment Office will only accept the "Sponsorship/Third Party Billing Application Forms." Sponsorship letters are no longer accepted unless accompanied by a Third Party Billing Form.

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A Note about Our Forms

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