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Required Documents for International Students

Immigration Documents, Study Permit (Visa)

Persons who are not Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants require a Study Permit (Student Authorization, Visa) in order to enter Canada to study. This Study Permit is obtained from a Canadian Consular or Immigration Office. Visit the Government of Canada Immigration and Citizenship website for additional information regarding citizenship and residency.

Once you have received the official UBC admission letter from the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, apply for a Visa or Study Permit at the nearest Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Office or Embassy/High Commission/Consulate as soon as possible. 

On-Campus Employment and a Social Insurance Number

In order to work while completing your graduate degree, or to receive award and scholarship disbursements, you must have a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN). After you arrive, you must apply as soon as possible to the nearest Service Canada office for a Canadian Social Insurance Number.

Spouses of students holding a valid Study Permit may apply for Employment Authorizations in order to accept employment in Canada for the duration of the Study Permit, provided they have legal proof of marriage to the holder of the Study Permit.

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