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Terminology for International Students

The College of Graduate Studies sets minimum admission standards for graduate study, assesses your application in collaboration with individual graduate programs and formally issues admission offers, should you be selected. We also manage the online application system and many scholarship programs.

Other countries or universities might have offices dedicated to serving international applicants. At UBC's Okanangan campus, all graduate student inquiries and applications are processed through the College of Graduate Studies.

Important Terminology

Graduate studies:

in Canada, this describes education following the completion of a Bachelor's degree. In other countries, such as Australia or New Zealand, graduate studies is referred to as postgraduate studies.

Research-based programs:

Programs that require a research thesis or dissertation. This includes PhD, Master of Science (MSc), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Applied Science (MASc) and some others.

Professional Master's programs:

Professional degrees are normally associated with pathways to professions, such as Master of Nursing or Master of Education. 


Contains important and official information on University faculties, programs, regulations, and courses. The calendar goes by a different name in other countries, e.g. handbook in Australia and New Zealand or catalog in the USA.

College of:

This is an administrative term for a particular academic unit. In other locales, it may be called "School of" or "Faculty of".

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