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Why Grad School at UBC's Okanagan campus?

Every year, UBC Okanagan campus attracts outstanding students from around the globe to our world-class academic environment.

Why do they choose the University of British Columbia? 

Mehrbod Estaki Head shot

Mehrbod Estaki

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology

"As a young university, UBCO holds tremendous potential for research with state of the art facilities and world class faculty. The small size of our faculties allows for unique collaborations amongst disciplines that are typically considered unrelated. For example we have ongoing collaborations branching between human physiology, ecology, and microbiology."


Gyan Chhipi Shrestha head shotGyan Chhipi Shrestha

Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering

"In 2012, we, i.e. Central Department of Environmental Science organized a training workshop for its faculties on environmental risk analysis in Nepal. Dr. Rehan Sadiq was one of the resource persons for it. I knew about UBCO from him and then searched about the UBCO in the internet. I found it as my dream university for my higher education. Dr. Sadiq’s expertise also motivated to do so. Then I applied for PhD at the School of Engineering, UBCO and fortunately I got an acceptance with Dr. Kasun Hewage and Dr. Rehan Sadiq as supervisors. I Joined School of Engineering at UBCO to add engineering knowledge to my subject knowledge. I started PhD from Jan 2013."

Colleen Larson

Colleen Larson head shotDoctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies

"UBC Okanagan offers opportunities to focus on Indigenous coursework, an extensive collection of Indigenous literature, and faculty members with expertise to support my research topic.  My supervisor, Dr. Christine Schreyer, a linguistic anthropologist who has expertise in Indigenous languages, culture and identity has supported me in my program of study and development of an appropriate framework for my research.  I have had opportunities to participate in graduate courses in the Summer Institute in Indigenous Studies 2011, Endangered Languages, Indigenous Literature, and Ethnography.  I have the opportunity to learn from an interdisciplinary supervisory committee made up of
Dr. Christine Schreyer, Assistant Professor (Anthropology) and Dr. Margo Tamez, Assistant Professor (Indigenous Studies) from the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences, Community Culture and Global Studies (Unit 1) and Dr. Sabre Cherkowski, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education."


Alysha Baker head shot
Alysha Baker

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

"Although I was very fortunate to be accepted at other universities (very much due to the opportunities I received during my undergraduate degree here at UBCO), I chose to attend UBC Okanagan for various reasons. Firstly, the quality of teachers in the Psychology Department and their passion for teaching has always been inspiring. More specifically, UBC and the Psychology Department did a great job of attracting leading researchers in the field of forensic and social psychology. Many of these professors formed the Centre for the Advancement of Psychological Science (CAPSL) which is a cutting edge facility allowing for seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to research projects and collaboration. These circumstances and the great colleagues in the Psychology Department made it hard to leave UBC Okanagan so I ultimately decided to complete my graduate studies here"

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Here are reasons why the UBC's Okanagan campus is the chosen academic destination for some of the world’s most promising young scholars:

Our People

People from all over the world come to the UBC's Okanagan campus  to enjoy the benefits of a graduate education. The Okanagan campus is an intimate learning community embracing bold new ways of thinking that attract exceptional students and faculty. More than 8,300 students from throughout the Okanagan region, across Canada and 80 other countries are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs in eight faculties and schools. Here, students interact with one another and their professors on a daily basis, while becoming global citizens through interaction with their community and the world.

Our Programs

The UBC's Okanagan campus offers over fourteen Graduate Degree Programs and opportunities to pursue many different areas of study that are sure to align with your interests.

Our Research

 The Office of Research Services at the UBC's Okanagan campus provides support for grant facilitation and promotes research activity. They are committed to assisting faculty and students with their research needs by cultivating a stimulating, supportive environment where ideas will grow and thrive and where investigators can be successful at every stage of their career. They reinforce this commitment in seeking and providing new initiatives, infrastructure and a seamless set of procedures to assist all in obtaining research funding.

Our Values

The UBC's Okanagan campus has a passionate vision for preparing exceptional global citizens and promoting a civil and sustainable society. Graduate students are a crucial element of promoting and living these values in our University community. 

Our Setting

Learning at the UBC's Okanagan campus means enjoying a superb campus in one of the planet’s truly spectacular regions— beautiful British Columbia.  Our campus in Kelowna is in the heart of British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley, regarded as one of the most scenic regions in Canada.  People are drawn to the great four-season weather, stunning landscapes and boundless opportunities for outdoor recreation – water sports, cycling, golfing, skiing, hiking and so much more.  Rich in culture, the Okanagan hosts brilliant wine festivals, extraordinary art, music and theatre events, and offers all the dining and entertainment you would expect from one of the most vibrant regions in the B.C. Interior.  UBC's Okanagan campus invites you to live in one of Canada’s most desirable communities and study at one of the world’s top universities.

So, is the Okanagan right for you? Only you can know for sure. But by choosing UBC's Okanagan campus you are undoubtedly joining a supportive community at the world’s leading edge of graduate education and research.

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