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Lisi, Diana


Diana Lisi Student ProfileResearch Topic: Exploring Interpersonal Emotion Regulation

Research Location: UBC Okanagan

Research Supervisor: Dr. Susan Holtzman

Research Description:

My Master's thesis builds on my past research on distress regulation and parent-child relationships by examining the interplay between social relationships and emotion regulation within another critical developmental stage, emerging adulthood. Using an intensive longitudinal design, I plan to follow a sample of students during the first year of their university career to identify within- and between-person factors associated with adaptive emotion regulation.

Home Town: Toronto, Ontario

Country: Canada

Faculty/School: Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences

Program: Master of Arts in Psychology

Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree?

Attaining a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology has always been an important goal of mine. I have had an interest in psychology since I was in high school, and since completing my bachelor's degree, my interest in a career in this field has grown. Since then, I have been involved in numerous research labs and have been fortunate enough to receive incredible mentorship from my supervisors and colleagues, who made me appreciate the process and importance of research to this field.

Why did you decide to study at UBC's Okanagan campus?

I chose UBCO because it is a leading university in Canada and it offers a new and growing Clinical Psychology program. The diversity of the faculty provides me with great training in the field. Finding a supervisor who shares my research interests was also very important to me.

What impact do you hope your research will have?

I hope that my research will contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the area of interpersonal emotion regulation. I hope to mobilize this knowledge to help improve the social and emotional lives of young adults.


Canadian Graduate Scholarship Master Program - SSHRC Graduate Scholarship



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