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Weatherson, Katie


Profile Katie WeathersonResearch Topic: An examination of the implementation strategies and effectiveness of the Daily Physical Activity policy in BC Elementary Schools

Research Location: Health and Exercise LAB, UBCO

Research Supervisor: Dr. Mary Jung

Research Description:

My research is in the area of physical activity policy research and children's physical activity at school. Specifically, I will be examining the Daily Physical Activity (DPA) policy that requires elementary schools in BC to provide 30 minutes of DPA as part of students' educational program during instructional or non-instructional hours. I intend on exploring the implementation stratgies utilized by elementary school teachers in School District #23 to fulfill the DPA policy requirements and objectively measure the impact that these strategies have on the physical activity levels of children while at school.

Home Town: Lake Country, BC

Country:  Canada

Faculty: Faculty of Health and Social Development

Program: Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree?

Research allows me to combine my joint interests in health promotion, public health and program evaluation and a graduate degree facilitates this.

Why did you choose to study at UBC Okanagan campus?

To work with Dr. Mary Jung, who has provided me with many opportunities for rich research experiences starting in the last year of my undergraduate degree.

What impact do you hope your research will have?

It is well known that physical activity improves health at all ages. I am interested in how efforts to increase physical activity can be enhanced to improve health outcomes in the general population. Therefore with this project, it is my goal to describe how a school-based physical activity policy is adopted and implemented by teachers in various classroom settings and to measure the impact this has on children's physical activity while at school. The goal of any evaluation is to improve the implementation and outcome of the initiative, so I hope that at the very least this research will help provide guidance to teachers on which DPA implementation strategies will result in the most physical activity for their children at school. More broadly, it is my hope that this research will contribute to our overall understanding of how policy translates into practice and the potential effect provincial-level policies can have on health behaviours. Ultimately, I would like to see not only the development of health polices that are evidence-based, but the necessary support provided to those who are responsible for implementing policy requirements at the settings-level. This is my small contribution and a way to give back to my community.

What has been the most memorable Okanagan experience so far?

I have grown up in the Okanagan so my most memorable moments are vast and mostly unrelated to school. Highlights include my wedding and summers spent at the beach.


Canadian Graduate Scholarship Master Program - CIHR Graduate Scholarship


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