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Bergen, Mark


Profile Mark BergenResearch Topic: Indoor Optical Wireless Navigation with Wide Field-of-View Sensors

Research Location: UBC Okanagan - Integrated Optics Lab

Research Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Holzman

Research Description:

My field of research is in Optical Wireless Positioning (OWP). GPS is very powerful for outdoor positioning; however, once indoors, GPS is relatively useless since the satellites are blocked. OWP is a system that is built upon existing LED room lighting which will allow users to determine their location indoors. These LEDs act as beacons which are received by a sensor. This sensor measures the angle at which it sees the LEDs in the ceiling and then triangulates its position.

My specific area of research is in sensor development and LED distribution. By creating sensors that can better determine the incoming angles of light, we are able to reduce the error in estimated position. Some error in measurements is unavoidable.  Therefore, I will also work to develop LED distributions which minimize the position error caused by noise in incoming angle measurements.

Home Town: Kamloop, BC

Country: Canada

Faculty/School: Faculty of Applied Science

Program: Master of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering

Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree?

I decided to pursue a graduate degree in electrical engineering for two reasons. My first reason was that I had just completed my undergraduate degree here at UBC Okanagan and I had a good relationship with the faculty and other students. I felt that transitioning to the Masters program after completing my undergraduate degree was quite natural. The second reason, and probably the most significant, was that I already had solid connections with the Integrated Optics Laboratory (IOL)and it's supervisor Dr. Jonathan Holzman. During my undergraduate degree I worked under Dr. Holzman in both NSERC funded summer terms as well as, the Work Study program during school semesters. I enjoyed and valued those experiences so much that when the possibility of returning for a Masters arose, I eagerly accepted. In all, I felt that it was the right time to pursue graduate studies and that I had the perfect opportunity to study in an exceptional academic environment.

Why did you decide to study at UBC's Okanagan campus?

I chose UBC Okanagan for my graduate studies due to the fact that I had recently completed my undergraduate degree here. I already had a good understanding of the campus and the faculty so making the decision to stay here was not difficult.

What impact do you hope your research will have?

I hope that my research will assist in the proliferation of Optical Wireless technology. This technology has great potential to be used in a myriad of applications; however, very few people have heard of it due to the fact that it has not quite reached maturity yet. Hopefully, my research will be able to make Optical Wireless technology both more widely known and more user friendly for integration into real world scenarios.

What has been your most memorable Okanagan experience so far?

Since most of my time here has been for undergraduate studies, most of my memorable experiences pertain to the time before starting graduate studies (hovercraft competition standing out the most). During graduate studies, my most memorable experiences have been being able to use the advanced facilities here on campus such as the clean room.

Outside of school, my most memorable experiences in the Okanagan are the times where I was able to get outside and hike in the mountains surrounding Kelowna. Summer in the Okanagan is beautiful and I enjoy being able to explore and experience all the Okanagan has to offer.


Canadian Graduate Scholarship Master Program - NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship


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