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Udala, Megan


Profile Megan UdalaResearch Topic: The Effect of Sexism and Racism on Sentencing Decisions

Research Supervisor: Dr. Paul Davies

Research Description:

The effects of sexism and racism on sentencing decisions. My research will highlight if sexists will provide harsher sentences for women who commit a crime that more strongly violates their beliefs on traditional gender roles (i.e., a woman murdering her own child who she should be nurturing, versus an extra-familial relative). In addition, the race of the defendant will vary. This research will help to understand jury and judicial bias and attitudes towards female offenders.

Home Town: Kelowna, BC

Country: Canada

Faculty/School: Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences

Program: Master of Arts in Psychology

Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree?

I decided to pursue a graduate degree because of my curiosity. I found in my undergraduate degree that I enjoyed conducting research and exploring psychological phenomena. Naturally, I applied to graduate school!

Why did you decide to study at UBC's Okanagan campus?

I love the Okanagan! To me, it seems like the most amazing location. In addition, the campus has outstanding professors and I've developed a connection with this location.

What impact do you hope your research will have?

I hope that I will be able to influence the way that we understand bias in judicial decisions. My research could have substantial influence in elucidating the differential treatment of women and men in the justice system. Hopefully, it could lead to policy changes.

What has been your most memorable Okanagan experience so far?

The other day, I saw that some people put soap in the sails fountain downtown and it was pretty funny to see everyone hanging out by the suds.

What has winning a major award meant to you?

Winning this award is an amazing feeling. I feel honoured to be recognized for this. I feel very thankful for the help and support I received from my supervisor Paul Davies. I hope that with this award I can focus on my research and I can involve some undergraduate students to help them gain experience in research. 


Canadian Graduate Scholarship Master Program - SSHRC Graduate Scholarship



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