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Aboriginal Transitions: Undergraduate to Graduate - AT U2G

About ATU2G

Aboriginal Transitions: Undergraduate to Graduate Studies (AT: U2G) focused on the undergraduate-to-graduate transition theme by 1) conducting a rigorous examination of graduate program/mentoring models in BC, across Canada, and internationally, with particular attention to those that serve Aboriginal graduate students, 2) conducting a critical analysis of existing post-secondary student data and literature on the topic, and 3) conducting a comprehensive research project, which included individual interviews, focus groups, and surveys, the outcomes of which provided a new, evidence-based and provincially transportable model for U2G educational transition.

Key findings from the first phase (year 1, 2008-2009) of the study were used to develop three major transitional framework components: (1) research awareness/learning and faculty mentoring; (2) peer support through a SAGE-Undergraduate provincial network; and (3) digital technology and Web 2.0 approaches. Each component was piloted (year 2, 2009-2010) with participating post-secondary institutions across British Columbia.

Indigenous Education Institute of Canada, UBC Faculty of Education
EDUDATA Canada, UBC Faculty of Education

AT: U2G is funded by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development

Sage (Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement)

Aboriginal graduate students are also invited to join SAGE (Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement), a group dedicated to fostering Aboriginal graduate student success.

Universities highlight credit programs for Aboriginal students

A new online resource for Aboriginal students, featuring a database of for-credit programs and support services offered by 77 member institutions, was launched Jan. 17 by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. The centralized database is meant to be a one-stop shop for Aboriginal students seeking information on postsecondary degree options. Click on link above for full story. 

 Associations of Universities and Colleges of Canada

The University of British Columbia



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