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The Aboriginal Community at UBC's Okanagan campus


UBC's Okanagan campus promotes community through it's Aboriginal Programs & Services that provide culturally appropriate services and support to First Nations, Metis and Inuit students. Aboriginal Programs & Services is housed within the Aboriginal Centre, on the second floor of the University Centre building and is part of student services. The Aboriginal Centre also provides a collegium for Aboriginal students to use as their "own space" giving them a sense of belonging and community. This home away from home is committed to enriching the quality of the student experience for Aboriginal students by promoting access, providing capacity building opportunities and celebrating success.  The Aboriginal collegium is located at UNC 210 and to book your time, contact the Central Booking Office.

You can learn much more about the many dimensions of Aboriginal presence at UBC's Okanagan campus through the UBC Okanagan Aboriginal Portal. 

Aboriginal centre

Aboriginal Centre above

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