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Effective June 1, 2016 students will be expected to submit their final submission documentation electronically to 
Once we receive the mandatory electronic forms, students will be allowed to electronically register and upload their thesis to cIRcle for their final formatting review.  For the full process, please continue reading the following pages below. 

Note on terminology: The term "thesis" in this section of the website is used collectively to refer to both master's theses and doctoral dissertations.

You must submit your final, defended thesis electronically as a single PDF file to UBC's online information repository, cIRcle. Please note that Master of Fine Arts students (Writing/Film/Music) do have an option to archive their thesis in the UBC library and if so chosen have to follow an alternative process.  Those students uploading to cIRcle however, their thesis will be reviewed for formatting by the College of Graduate Studies and approved for inclusion in cIRcle. Your program cannot be closed and you will not be eligible to graduate until the content and formatting of the thesis have been officially approved in cIRcle and we have received all corresponding close-out documentation prior to your upload submission in cIRcle.  

It is your responsibility to submit a thesis in the correct UBC required format as the College of Graduate Studies is not able to edit your final thesis.  If your thesis does not meet the UBC required standards upon your 1st submission, it will be sent back to you, requesting that you resubmit it.  If your thesis continues to NOT meet UBC standards, your thesis upon each subsequent submission will be returned to you and placed in the queue in corresponding order of date received. As a resource guide and to ensure you have met UBC standards, we suggest that you use the Thesis Preparation & Checking Resource Centre as your guidelines before attempting to submit your thesis.

Please note: The College of Graduate Studies is unable to offer pre or post formatting reviews nor are we able to offer support and advice on how to use Microsoft applications. If you are experiencing difficulty in understanding the UBC formatting requirements we encourage you to consult your supervisor.

Please note: Student fees will continue to accumulate until we have received a fully corrected copy of your thesis (without error) along with the required final submission documentation and you have successfully uploaded your thesis to cIRcle.   Your program will not be closed until such time as you have met all conditions. 


Please proofread your thesis carefully before submitting the final version. You cannot make changes to your thesis after it has been approved. Check for:

  • consistent capitalization
  • consistent, sequential numbering of sections
  • consistent abbreviations and units of measure
  • consistent line spacing and table formatting
  • typographical errors
  • grammatical errors

Proofreading is primarily your responsibility, but supervisors and examiners should not sign off on theses until they are free of errors.



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