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The College of Graduate Studies has noted below a number of electronic resources, reference lists, web links and media files to help you along your graduate journey.

Watch! Links to useful videos and information:

Scholar’s Forum – (by Centre for Scholarly Communication)

Formatting Your Thesis – (by College of Graduate Studies & Centre for Scholarly Communication)

Using Microsoft Word to Meet Graduate Studies Formatting Requirements - (by College of Graduate Studies & Centre for Scholarly Communication)

Introduction to Intellectual Property – (by Centre for Scholarly Communication)

Academic Citation Practices – (by Centre for Scholarly Communication)

Retaining Your Publishing Rights - (by Centre for Scholarly Communication)

Resume tutorials – (by UBC Career Services)

Links to useful websites: - Ontario professional development website for graduate students

Vitae – Access an online academic community with news, advice and the option to job search.

Canadian Association of Graduate Studies (CAGS) - The Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (CAGS) was founded in 1962 to promote graduate education and university research through meetings, publications and advocacy.

CIHR Knowledge Translation Learning Modules - Access to knowledge translation and commercialization publications.


Diversify your Graduate Experience: Review the resources for funding and support for experiential learning opportunities through Mitacs.

Kicking off Your Professional Career: Want to apply your research skills and build a professional network while pursuing graduate studies? UBC has partnered with Mitacs to encourage development of research internships with community and industrial partners in the Okanagan. 

Don’t forget to check out these additional Mitacs resources: 

National Mitacs Accelerate Opportunities

Past Mitacs Accelerate Research Projects

Globalink Research Award

Mitacs Elevate (Post-doctoral Fellowships)

Mitacs Step (Workshops open to graduate students and post-docs)

Mitacs Newsletter

Resources in the Community

Kelowna Chamber of Commerce: Launch Students into Business Program - Sign-up fee includes 2 networking events, in September and April, and professional skills workshops throughout the year.

Okanagan Young Professionals: A talented and energetic collection of individuals committed to cultivating a culture for Okanagan professionals in their 20's and 30's.

Accelerate Okanagan: Incubator and Resource Hub for the Tech Industry. Check out their events and jobs pages.

Interested in Entrepreneurship or Starting your Own Business?

students2startups (Accelerate Okanagan)

Startup Basics (Accelerate Okanagan)


Women's Enterprise Centre

Community Futures


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