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IGS 630:(Currently under Review)

Teaching in Higher Education


Dr. Peter Arthur
Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Phone:  250.807.9207

Course Description

Teaching at the undergraduate level is essential to the education of doctoral students. This course focuses on taking a scholarly approach to teaching and will encourage you to use pedagogically informed strategies of course design and implementation to bring about more effective teaching and learning.  In the first term, learning experiences focus on preparation for the mentored teaching practicum in the second term of this course. Learners will develop course materials based on sound instructional design principles. In addition, students will develop teaching skills through practice micro-teaching, critical self-reflection, observation of experienced faculty and observation and constructive peer feedback on teaching episodes. Learners will also critically review selected literature. In the second term, you will complete a mentored teaching practicum under the supervision of a faculty member and attend bi-weekly debriefing sessions to discuss the successes and challenges encountered in the classroom.

By the end of this course, learners should be able to:

LEARNING OUTCOMES ASSIGNMENT (see below for details)
1.  Design a course, or part of a course, using sound principles of instructional design  Develop instructional Materials
2.  Challenge assumptions, think reflectively, and think critically about teaching and learning Critique a scholarly teaching and learning article
3.  Use research in teaching as it applies to instruction in one’s field Research and present instructional strategy
4.  Find, cite and critically reflect upon research studies and other literature bearing on major issues relating to      university teaching Critique a scholarly teaching and learning article
5.  Analyze the learner, context and course content  Develop instructional materials
6.  Write learning outcomes  Develop instructional materials
7.  Assess student learning  Develop instructional materials
8.  Conduct self and peer evaluations            

Observe and self-critique your teaching skills in microteaching sessions.

Provide non-judgmental constructive feedback to your peers, Observe and critique the skills of experienced teachers in the classroom

9.  Use learning centered teaching strategies Observe and self-critique your teaching skills in microteaching sessions
10. Document teaching effectiveness  Develop teaching portfolio
11. Articulate the values of their teaching approach i.e. teaching philosophy Develop teaching portfolio
12. Develop lesson plans based instructional design and learning principles Develop instructional materials
13. Use effective facilitation techniques Observe and self-critique your teaching skills in microteaching sessions.

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