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IGS Supervisory Committees

Each graduate student in a thesis program has a supervisory committee comprised of a supervisor or co-supervisors and at least two other faculty members. The supervisor must be a tenured or tenure-track faculty member holding the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor at UBC's Okanagan campus. Members of the committee and co-supervisors will normally be from the UBC's Okanagan campus, but may, with permission of the Dean of Graduate Studies, also include appropriately qualified individuals external to the Okanagan campus, i.e. UBC Vancouver or other institutions. In such cases, the Dean’s Approval for Co-Supervisor/Committee Member form must be completed and submitted to the College of Graduate Studies.

IGS supervisory committees are constructed by potential supervisors, normally in consultation with applicants. Upon receiving an admission recommendation for an applicant, the College of Graduate Studies will review and approve all supervisory committee members. 

The supervisory committee is responsible for reviewing and approving:  1) coursework selection (if applicable), 2) the thesis proposal, 3) the thesis or dissertation for defense, and 4) comprehensives for Ph.D. students. Supervisory committee members also make up part of the thesis examining committee.

In addition to the supervisory committee, IGS students may contact the graduate program coordinator during the course of their program. For a full list of IGS graduate program coordinators, please click here.

IGS supervisory committees will require:

  • at least three members. If a student has a supervisor and co-supervisor, only one additional supervisory committee member is required. (Note: at least one member of the supervisory committee should be from an area outside of the supervisor’s discipline.)
  • evidence of faculty experience and expertise to support the academic plan of study.
  • a course plan.
  • evidence of the infrastructure to support the research required for the plan of study.

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