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Why did other students choose UBC's Okanagan campus?

Jordan AndrewsJordan Andrews

Master of Applied Science

"I spent four years completing my undergraduate degree on this campus and it was a fantastic experience. The campus is beautiful and the people are friendly, so staying on the campus was a natural choice."

Ailsa Beischer Student ProfileAilsa Beischer

Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

"I chose to complete my MA at UBC Okanagan because I am firmly rooted in community through my work with the OFTP and COFPC. I was also aware of the food security needs of the Okanagan and wanted my research to have a local impact."

Mark BergenMark Bergen Student Profile

Master of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering

"I chose UBC Okanagan for my graduate studies due to the fact that I had recently completed my undergraduate degree here. I already had a good understanding of the campus and the faculty so making the decision to stay here was not difficult."

Logan Cochrane Student Profile

Logan Cochrane

Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies

"I joined UBC Okanagan because of the connection I developed with Dr. Wagner, with whom I discussed the program and my potential research for a year before joining the program."

Kim CrosbyKim Crosby Student Profile 2

Master of Arts in Psychology

"I chose UBC Okanagan because of the exciting opportunity to work with a cannabis-focused researcher, Dr. Zach Walsh. Indeed, working here at UBC has provided me with a number of opportunities to conduct research on a wide variety of cannabis-related topics, including extensive trans-disciplinary work in the field of medical cannabis."

Megan Harper

Megan Harper

Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

"I grew up in the Okanagan and became interested in the Bachelor of Human Kinetics program here at UBC Okanagan.   As a student in the Centre for Heart, Lung and Vascular Health, I have had the opportunity to be part of a network of researchers performing internationally, leading research into the causes, consequences, and treatment of cardiovascular, pulmonary, and cerebrovascular diseases."

Ryan Hoiland
Ryan Hoiland Student Profile4

Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

"I chose UBC Okanagan for my Ph.D. studies specifically to work with Prof. Ainslie. He is currently the Canadian Research Chair in cerebrovascular physiology, and the topic I wanted to pursue for my Ph.D. is the mechanistic regulation of cerebral blood flow during hypoxia (reductions in blood oxygen) and in clinical patients (i.e., Chronic lung disease)."

Taylor Holland Student profileTaylor Holland

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology

"UBC Okanagan provided a unique opportunity in that it had a rapidly growing graduate program with a world class soil science research group.  I knew that at UBC Okanagan I would be able to combine my interest of plant-microbe interactions with an economically important agricultural crop in grapevines. I knew I was moving to a place with a wonderful climate, providing good opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and ski year round, on the water in the summer and mountain in the winter."

Donna Kozak
Donna Kozak

Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies

"I have been an adjunct instructor with the Faculty of Education for the past 7 years and have come to realize that UBC Okanagan offers a locally-based rich program of study for graduate work.  How wonderful to have such an incredible institution of learning in our own community!"

Diana Lisi Student ProfileDiana Lisi

Master of Arts in Psychology

"I chose UBCO because it is a leading university in Canada and it offers a new and growing Clinical Psychology program. The diversity of the faculty provides me with great training in the field. Finding a supervisor who shares my research interests was also very important to me."

Erica MasseyErica Massey Student Profile3

Master of Science in Environmental Sciences

"It was important to have the academic and professional support of a supervisor knowledgeable in mineralogy and petrology. Also, UBCO's Charles Fipke Centre for Trace Element Research is a world class lab that provides the opportunity to use the latest analytical technology, i.e. SEM/EDS (Scanning Electron Microscope), LA-ICP-MS (Laser Ablation), EMPA (Electron Microprobe) and optical mineralogy lab equipment."

Sydney Morgan Student Profile 2

Sydney Morgan

Master of Science in Biology

"UBC Okanagan is located in the middle of the Okanagan Valley, home to a burgeoning wine industry.  Its location allows for unique research opportunities for people studying wine, because many local wineries are interested in collaborating with the university.  These local industry partnerships allow for much of our research to be conducted in commercial settings, making our results not only of interest to the international scientific community, but also applicable to the wine industry."

Holli-Anne PassmoreHolli-Anne Passmore Student Profile

Master of Arts in Psychology

"I was very strategic when applying to graduate schools, and I invested a great deal of thought, time, and energy into researching programs and meeting with potential supervisors.  Studying with Mark Holder at UBC Okanagan was the best fit for me with regard to supervisor (of course) and program.  The Experimental Psychology / Psychological Science program here is very unique with its dual emphasis on research and preparation for a career in academia."

Joshua Smith Student Profile

Joshua Smith

Master of Science in Biology

"What makes Kelowna so amazing is that it has a small-town feel but also the infrastructure and amenities of a large city. Plus, what is there not to love about a location that has beaches, wineries and hot weather during the summer, yet skiing nearby during the winter.  And UBCO, specifically, is gorgeous."

Carson Toews
Carson Toews Student Profile

Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

"I chose UBCO because I had finished my Bachelor's degree here, and I loved the school. Growing up and living in the Okanagan Valley also helped to influence my decision. This is one of the most beautiful places to live, and being able to go to school here is an added bonus"

Candice Quin Student ProfileCandice Quin

Master of Science in Biology

"I did my undergraduate degree at UBC Okanagan because it is a well respected, highly ranked University. I had a very good experience as an undergraduate student and was introduced to Dr. Gibson's research during this time. Her research intrigued me and I was fortunate to have her accept me as a graduate student."

Megan Udala
Megan Udula Student Profile

Master of Arts in Psychology

"I love the Okanagan! To me, it seems like the most amazing location. In addition, the campus has outstanding professors and I've developed a connection with this location."

Katie Weatherson

Katie Weatherson

Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

"To work with Dr. Mary Jung, who has provided me with many opportunities for rich research experiences starting in the last year of my undergraduate degree."

Carmela White
Carmela White student profile

Master of Arts in Psychology

"The Okanagan campus was an optimal choice due to the wide range of faculty research expertise and clinical experience. Furthermore, the Okanagan Valley is incredibly beautiful making my choice to attend UBC's Okanagan campus more desirable."

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