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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook will help guide you through your program by providing in-depth information on policies and program milestones.


Download Graduate Student Handbook (pdf)

Student Responsibilities

     Student Declaration and Responsibility 

     Academic Freedom        

     Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities              

     Academic Honesty and Standards           

     Academic Misconduct          

         Definition of Cheating   

          Definition of Plagiarism


    Non-Academic Misconduct

    Intellectual Property     

     Continuous Registration              

      Key Graduate Student Responsibilities 

Student Status & Classification

       Full-Time Classification 

     Part-Time Classification

Program Management 

     Supervisory Committee               

          Meetings and Communications

          Getting the Most from the Supervisory Committee        

          Master’s Students          

          Doctoral Students           

      Program of Study & Requirements         

          Master's Students          

          Doctoral Students           

          Graduate Student Vacation Policy           

     Course Registration       

          Continuous Registration              

          Adding and Dropping Courses   

               Adding Courses               

               Withdrawing from Courses         

           Courses Outside a Student's Graduate Program               



          Academic Concession   

          Exemptions from Course Requirements               

               Master's Students           

               Doctoral Students            

     Transfer Credit

          Standard Transfer Credit Regulations      

          Students Eligible for Transfer Credits      

     Satisfactory Progress     

          Master's Students          

          Doctoral Students     

     Unsatisfactory Progress       

     Comprehensive Examinations - Doctoral Students           

     Advancement to Candidacy – Doctoral Students              

     Program Completion

          Program Completion Letter                       

      Degree Conferral and Ceremonies        

             Applying to Graduate    

             Graduation Ceremonies              

     Leave of Absence           

          Parental Leave 

          Leave to Pursue a Second Program of Study       

          International Students 

          Required Documents for Leave of Absence           

    Going to another University as a Visiting Student             

          Exchange Agreements 

               Western Deans’ Agreement      

                Graduate Exchange Agreement               


          Voluntary Withdrawals 

          Required to Withdraw for Academic Reasons    

          Required to Withdraw for Non-Academic Reasons

          Withdrawal for Non-Registration             

Program Extensions       

Readmission & Reinstatement  




          Transfer from Master's to Doctoral Programs without Completing Master's Requirement

           Transfer from Doctoral to Master's Programs

           Transfer between Closely-Related Master's Programs   

           Transfer to/from the Vancouver Campus         

Academic Assessment  

     Review for Authenticity               

     Viewing Marked Work  

      Deferred Standing

      Use of the Grade T         

      Review of Assigned Standing     

      Senate Appeals on Academic Standing - Appeal Procedure          


     Working While Studying               

          Student Service Appointments 

          Appointments: General               

          Categories of Appointment        

          Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA)
          Teaching a Course in which a Board of Governors Appointment is Required        

          Teaching While on Extension     

     International Student Employment        

          On-campus Employment             

          Other Employment as a Requirement of the Degree Program    

           CIDA Students  

            Employment for Spouses of Students   

            Employment Following Graduation         

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