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Deferred Standing

A Deferred standing is appropriate if medical or personal problems (of a very unusual nature) make it impossible for the student to complete the course requirements on time, but the requirements can be completed with an extension of time.

In this case, the student and instructor should submit the Standing Deferred request form along with a memo to the Dean of Graduate Studies as early as possible recommending Deferred standing and the reasons for the recommendation. The instructor should note the request for SD standing on the grade sheet. The Deferred standing will then be entered in the student’s record and transcript.

Students granted Deferred standing in Winter Session courses must complete all outstanding course requirements by August 23 of the following Summer Session. Students granted Deferred standing in Summer Session courses must complete all outstanding work by December 25 of the following Winter Session. Students granted Deferred standing are responsible for making satisfactory arrangements with their instructors for completion of outstanding course requirements. If a student fails to complete outstanding requirements by the dates specified, the Deferred standing will be replaced with a grade or standing that reflects requirements completed in the course. Students unable to meet the specified deadlines because of further medical, emotional or other difficulties must make an additional application for Academic Concession no later than August 31 for Winter Session courses or December 31 for Summer Session courses following the original deferral.


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