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Use of the Grade T

A graduate student is expected to register for the thesis/dissertation throughout the duration of the program.  A grade of "T" is recorded on the transcript for each session until the thesis/dissertation is completed. The "T" grade may also be used for graduating essays (in non-thesis master's programs), directed individual study or project courses in which the course requirements extend beyond the normal deadline for the submission of a final grade.

  1. If the "T" grade is used in a course, the opportunity for an extended deadline for the completion of the course requirements must be available to all students registered in the course.
  2. In a course in which a "T" grade is used, it is expected that the requirements will be completed in the following term. That is, in the winter session, a first term course would be completed by April 30 and a second term course would be completed by August 31; a summer session course would be completed by December 31.
  3. If the course requirement is satisfied within a few weeks of the normal deadline, the Dean may approve changing the record from "T" to the assigned grade. Otherwise, the "T" remains on the record and a post-sessional grade for the course is entered (i.e. the student must register in the course in a subsequent session).
  4. If the time required goes beyond one term, the student must register for and repeat the course in order to obtain credit for it.
  5. The "T" grade must not be used in lieu of an "incomplete" standing. If a student has a medical excuse for not completing a course requirement, a "Deferred" grade may be used.

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