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International Student Employment

On-campus Employment

Full-time international students with valid Study Permits are now permitted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to accept any type of part-time employment on the campus of the university at which they are registered. On-campus is defined as any facilities owned, leased or rented by that university. No employment authorization is required.

Other Employment as a Requirement of the Degree Program

Students enrolled in programs requiring them to undertake employment (other than on the university campus) in order to complete the requirements of their degrees and who can provide copies of course calendars indicating such a requirement (i.e. internships, practicum, etc.) must apply by mail for an Employment Authorization from Canada Employment.

Students will need to provide evidence (letter from the Graduate Program) that they are enrolled in this course of study and that it is an integral and essential part of the degree program. The Employment Authorization must be obtained prior to starting employment so it is recommended that the application be made at least six weeks ahead of time. There is no fee for this Employment Authorization.

It should be noted that Employment Authorization will only be approved for the period for which the Study Permit is valid. Students should ensure that their Study Permits are current for the full period of their registration in their programs. If the termination date of the Authorization is earlier than the completion date of the program, students must apply to CPC for renewal of the Authorization. A processing fee will be charged for renewal of the Study Permit.

Application forms are available from the office of International Student Services on campus or by contacting Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

CIDA Students

Students sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) may accept employment in the general labour market, whether or not the employment is related to their course of study. CIDA scholars may accept any employment offered on or off campus.

Students expecting to receive any payments from employment or scholarships while in Canada require a Canadian Social Insurance Number. Student appointments will not be processed unless the SIN is shown or a receipt for the application for a SIN is attached to the appointment form.

Employment for Spouses of Students

Spouses of registered students may apply for an Employment Authorization and seek employment in the general labour market in Canada provided that:

  • They can provide proof of legal marriage, i.e. marriage certificate in English.
  • Their spouse holds a valid Study Permit.

An Employment Authorization is required before employment commences (application can be made to the CPC if spouse is already in Canada or to the nearest Canada Immigration office if outside Canada). Spouses may apply for an open Employment Authorization if they have passed the Immigration medical examination. Medical examinations will be arranged by Canada Immigration but the Employment Authorization will not be issued until the results are known -- a process that may take up to six months.

Spouses who have not passed the medical examination may apply for an open authorization with restrictions, i.e. they may not accept employment in any area of health care, child care or food services.

The maximum duration of the spouse’s Employment Authorization will be the same as the duration of the student’s Study Permit.

Employment Following Graduation

International students may accept education-related employment for up to a maximum of one year following graduation. In order to obtain a work permit, these persons must provide evidence of graduation (or successful completion of a degree program) from a Canadian post-secondary institution showing courses completed and the offer of employment. Employment must commence within sixty days of graduation and must be consistent with the student’s area of study.

For graduate students, the date of graduation is defined as the date on which all requirements for the degree have been completed: all marks must have been submitted and, for students on thesis programs, the final copy of the thesis has been approved by the College of Graduate Studies and uploaded to cIRcle. Students may obtain a letter indicating that they have completed their degree requirements from the online Student Service Centre.

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