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Teaching While on Extension

A student on a first extension (in the seventh year of the PhD program) will be permitted to teach a course or courses in which a Board of Governors appointment is required only under exceptional circumstances. The request for permission to teach submitted to the College of Graduate Studies must include an outline of these circumstances. Additionally, a detailed timeline for degree completion, signed by both the student and the supervisor, must accompany the request for permission to teach. Teaching responsibilities should not significantly impede a student's progress towards degree completion.

Students on second extensions (in the eighth year of the PhD program) are not permitted to teach a course or courses in which a Board of Governors appointment is required.

The College of Graduate Studies routinely receives requests for doctoral students on first and second extensions to be appointed to teach. The significant demands of teaching often further slow a student's progress to degree completion. This can necessitate an additional extension.

Additionally, sometimes students attempt to prolong their student status just so that they may be hired to teach. This is intended to ensure that the student's main occupation is finishing their doctoral degree and that the student's best interests in this regard are protected. Granting a second or third extension because a student's progress has been slowed by teaching responsibilities is undesirable and in some cases, in contravention of policy.

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