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Transfer Credit

Requests for transfer of credits must be accompanied by a letter from the graduate program addressed to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. The letter from the graduate program must provide an academic justification for allowing the transfer credit on a course by course basis.

Standard Transfer Credit Regulations

Eligible graduate students who have earned credits outside the current master’s program may transfer up to 12 credits (or up to 40 %) of the total number of credits required for completion of the current program, provided that:

  • The courses were not used to satisfy the requirements of another degree or diploma.
  • At least a B standing (UBC 74%) was obtained in courses considered for transfer.

The time limit for eligibility of courses for transfer to a graduate degree program is five years at the time the student commences his/her degree program.

The 12-credit (40%) restriction does not apply to students in UBC-approved Exchange Agreements (ex. Western Deans’ Agreement, Graduate Exchange Agreement) established by the UBC Go Global office.

Standard Eligible for Transfer Credits

The following students may be eligible to transfer credits to their current master’s programs:

  • Students who have taken graduate courses through undergraduate or unclassified studies.
  • Students transferring from one master’s program to a second master’s program.
  • Students who have credits from another university.

Doctoral students are not normally eligible for transfer credit. In doctoral programs where there is a prescribed amount of coursework, students may be eligible for course exemptions on the basis of previous courses taken.

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