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Leave of Absence

Students who find it necessary to interrupt their graduate studies may apply to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies for on-leave status. Leave is granted when a student is best advised for personal, health, or other reasons to have time completely away from his or her academic responsibilities. The following conditions apply to leaves of absence:

  • Leaves of absence are limited to one year.
  • The leave begins on the first day of a term for a period of four, eight, or twelve months.
  • A student granted a leave of absence will retain the full value of any university graduate fellowship or other award whose terms and conditions are established by the College of Graduate Studies. Awards will be suspended at the onset of the leave, and reinstated at the termination of the leave period, provided the student returns to full-time study within the same academic year.  Other awards will be paid according to the conditions established by the donor or granting agency.
  • Leaves of absence must be approved by the student's home graduate program.
  • Requests for leaves for medical reasons must be accompanied by a doctor's note recommending the leave.
  • The student will not undertake any academic or research work, or use any of the University's facilities during the period of leave.
  • The time spent on leave is not counted as part of the allowed time to complete the degree.
  • Retroactive leave of absence requests are not normally approved by the College of Graduate Studies.  The expectation is that the request for a leave of absence (excluding medical leave) will occur prior to the start of the term.
  • Graduate students on leave are not eligible to receive awards during the leave period.
  • Students will be assessed an administrative on-leave fee for each semester (September, January, May) of the leave.
  • Students must inform the College of Graduate Studies immediately upon return.
  • Leaves of absence will not be processed for students who have outstanding fees.

Parental Leave

A graduate student who is bearing a child or has primary responsibility for the care of an infant or young child is eligible for parental leave. A request for parental leave should be made through the student's graduate program

Leave to Pursue a Second Program of Study

Following academic consultation, a graduate student may apply for a leave of absence from one program to pursue a second program of study. The student:

  • is responsible for on-leave tuition fees as well as the tuition fees associated with the second program.
  • should be aware that completion time of the first degree program would be extended by the span of time on the leave of absence.

A leave of absence for these reasons may exceed one year.

International Students

International students should be aware of the following before requesting a leave of absence:

  • A higher administrative fee is assessed.
  • Students who take a leave of absence will no longer be authorized to work on or off campus as they no longer meet the requirements as set out in IRPR 186 (v)
  • Graduate students will need to apply for a leave of absence from the College of Graduate Studies.
  • The supervisor should be consulted before the student requests the leave of absence.
  • A student planning on leaving the country during the leave of absence should request a letter from UBC's Okanagan campus stating that s/he is eligible to return to his/her program of study.
  • It is recommended that students contact an International Student Advisor as a leave can impact student status, health insurance and eligibility. International Programs and Services

Required Documents for Leave of Absence

  • Leave of Absence form
  • Medical note (medical leaves only)
  • Written request for leave: indicates why student requires time completely away from his/her academic responsibilities.

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