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Program Completion

Provided that the student has met all other degree requirements, his/her program will be closed at the end of the month in which the thesis/dissertation formatting is approved and successfully uploaded to ciRcle.  For non-thesis programs, the student’s program will be closed out at the end of the month in which the program confirms all requirements were met.  In order to be granted the degree, the student must apply for degree conferral through the Student Services Centre during the application period.

Once the program is closed out, the student will be advised of how to obtain a refund (if applicable) or if any additional tuition installments are due.

Program Completion Letter

A Program Completion letter officially confirms that the student has fulfilled the degree requirements and completed the program. The student can print this letter as soon as the program has been closed, i.e. the student has finished the program requirements, all grades have been entered, and the record has been checked by the College of Graduate Studies. 

The student can use the Student Service Centre (SSC) to print an official Program Completion letter.

Degree Conferral

There are important tasks the student must complete in order to have the degree conferred.

  1. Apply for degree conferral and graduation ceremony (if applicable). This is mandatory.

For questions about applying for degree conferral, please contact

  1. Make sure that the thesis or dissertation (or for programs not requiring a thesis/dissertation, their program completion memo) has been submitted to the College of Graduate Studies and been approved and successfully uploaded to ciRcle to initiate the close-out process.
  2. Make sure that all courses taken have a grade entered for them.
  3. Make sure the UBC financial account is settled. The student will not receive a diploma or be able to order transcripts with an outstanding balance of fees.

Applying for Degree Conferral

Every candidate for a degree must make a formal application for degree conferral. Students must apply through the Student Service Centre (SSC).

Graduate students should check the Application to Graduate Deadlines section of the website.

If the student’s application for degree conferral is not approved, the student must re-apply for the next graduation session.

The student must apply for degree conferral regardless of whether or not s/he plans to participate in the scheduled ceremonies.

Graduation Ceremonies

Earning a graduate degree is a great achievement, and the graduation ceremonies at UBC’s Okanagan campus celebrate the success and contributions of all our new graduates.

Students can find details of the ceremony on the Graduation ceremonies website, including:

  • date and approximate time
  • gown rental
  • obtaining tickets
  • photographs and videos
  • general ceremony instructions

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