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Doctoral Students

When a student starts his/her degree program, he/she will consult with the supervisor(s) to develop a program of study.  The program of study will consist of:

  • Any required courses, seminars, directed readings, consultations or other relevant courses.
  • Competency in languages other than English (if applicable).
  • Comprehensive examinations.
  • A doctoral dissertation describing the process and results of the student’s original research.
  • Dissertation defence at a public oral examination.

It is sometimes possible for a student to change his/her program of study during the course of the degree. Any changes must be reviewed and approved by the student’s supervisory committee and home graduate program.

Program requirements:

  • Any required coursework.
  • Comprehensive examinations
  • A research proposal.
  • Advance to candidacy before 36 months in the program.
  • Orally defend the dissertation.

Refer to the Academic Calendar for more information regarding program requirements:,285,0,0

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