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Advancement to Candidacy - Doctoral Students

The basic requirements for a doctoral student to be admitted to candidacy are:

  • All required coursework successfully completed.
  • The comprehensive(s) have been passed.
  • Thesis proposal approved by the supervisory committee.

Students are normally expected to complete their comprehensive(s) within 24 months from the date of initial registration. A student who is not admitted to candidacy within 36 months from date of initial registration must withdraw from the program. Extension of this period may be permitted by the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies in exceptional circumstances.

Additional requirements could include completion of a foreign language. If additional criteria are added, the graduate program must inform the College of Graduate Studies and the student(s) of these criteria in writing.

As soon as a student has satisfied all requirements, the graduate program must recommend to the College of Graduate Studies that the student be admitted to candidacy. This status is then entered on the university’s Student Information System (SISC). “Admitted to candidacy” and the date which this status was met will appear on the student's transcript.

Recommendation for Advancement to Candidacy form

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