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Comprehensive Examinations - Doctoral Students

UBC’s Okanagan campus provides two formats for completing comprehensives: a series of written comprehensive papers or comprehensive examinations. The form and specification for the candidate's comprehensives are determined by the program.  Comprehensives should normally be completed by the end of the second year of a student’s program and before commencing research for the final dissertation.

The comprehensive written paper format:

  • Requires the student to complete up to five comprehensive papers in consultation with his/her supervisor and supervisory committee.
  • Provides an assessment of the student's mastery of a breadth of research areas related to his/her program of study.
  • Should be significant literature reviews or focused research projects.
  • Exposes the student to a breadth of research theories and methods.
  • Provides the student with practical experience completing projects and preparing the results for publication.

The comprehensive examination format:

  • Is normally held after completion of all required coursework.
  • Is intended to test the student's grasp of the chosen field of study as a whole, as well as the student's ability to communicate his or her understanding of it in English or in French.
  • Is set up and judged by the supervisory committee members in a manner compatible with the policy of the graduate program concerned. (Programs should make available to students a written statement of examination policy and procedures.)
  • Is separate and distinct from the evaluation of the dissertation proposal.

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