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Transfer from Master's to Doctoral Programs without Completing Master's Requirements

Students who wish to transfer from a master’s to a doctoral program:

  • Must have completed one year of study in the master’s program with a minimum 80% average in twelve credits, of which at least nine credits must be at the 500-level or above and at least nine credits must be at 80% or above.
  • Must show clear evidence of research ability.
  • Must transfer into a doctoral program after the first year of the master’s program and will not be permitted to transfer after completion of the second year of the master's program.

Please Note:

  • Transfers may not be retroactive.
  • The transfer must be clearly justified by the student's supervisor and Graduate Program Coordinator in a memorandum to Graduate Studies recommending the transfer. 
  • The memo must be accompanied by the transfer from masters to doctoral degree form.
  • If the transfer is approved, the commencement of the doctoral program will be from the date of first registration in the master’s program.

Transfer from Doctoral to Master's Programs

Students may apply to transfer from doctoral to master’s programs. Transfers may be approved if they meet the following conditions:

  • The request for transfer should be justified on the grounds of its appropriateness for the student’s personal or professional goals. It should be clear that these have been the subject of discussion between the student and his or her advisor, and that the request is approved by the graduate program.
  • The master’s program to which transfer is requested must be different from a program whose degree the student already holds.
  • The transfer will be permitted only if the student has been no longer than three years into his or her doctoral program.

Transfer between Closely-Related Master's Program

Transfers between closely related master’s programs (MASc to MEng, MA to MEd, etc.) are permitted with an academic justification from the Graduate Program Coordinator or department head.

Transfers between master’s programs involving a change of discipline should be treated as new admissions.

Transfer form

Transfer to/from the Vancouver campus

Students who wish to transfer to and/or from the Vancouver campus must apply for admission to the program at the new campus following the standard application procedures.

If admitted to the new campus, a student must voluntarily withdraw from his/her original campus and program.  Failure to voluntarily withdraw from the original campus may result in additional tuition and fee charges.

Courses taken at the Vancouver campus and not used to fulfill previous degree requirements may be approved to fulfill degree requirements at the Okanagan campus on the recommendation of the graduate program and with the approval of the College of Graduate Studies.

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