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Part-Time Classification

The following applies to part-time classification:

  • All Master’s students are automatically assessed tuition fees according to Schedule A, unless formally approved to be assessed according to Schedule B.
  • Master’s students are considered full-time when assessed tuition fees according to Schedule A.
  • Part-time Master’s students may be assessed tuition fees according to Schedule B.
  • Doctoral students are not eligible for Schedule B tuition fees.
  • Students who are planning on taking a Master’s degree on a part-time basis must obtain the approval of their Graduate Program Coordinator and the College of Graduate Studies prior to the beginning of the first term of the program (i.e. prior to the commencement of the degree program) in which fees are first assessed.

Students permitted to pay their tuition fees according to Schedule B are advised that:

  • They are not eligible to receive interest-free status government loans, and University fellowships or scholarships.
  • They are not eligible for teaching assistantships, research assistantships, student housing, or assigned desk space at the University.
  • The 5-year maximum time allowed for the program applies to part-time students.
  • Students who pay tuition fees according to Schedule B are not permitted to revert back to Schedule A after the initial payment of the tuition fees in the first term of the program.
  • Tuition fees paid according to Schedule B are payable in three (3) installments per year (plus authorized student fees).
  • No Master’s student who selects Schedule B will pay total fees of less than the first nine (9) installments (plus authorized student fees). Upon program completion, any installments not already assessed will be assessed at that time.

The Application for Payment Schedule B can be found here: Download Form

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