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Student Declaration and Responsibility

Upon registering, a student has initiated a contract with the University and is bound by the following declaration:

"I hereby accept and submit myself to the statutes, rules and regulations, and ordinances (including bylaws, codes, and policies) of The University of British Columbia, and of the faculty or faculties in which I am registered, and to any amendments thereto which may be made while I am a student of the University, and I promise to observe the same."

The student declaration is important. It imposes obligations on students and affects rights and privileges, including property rights.  A student must not enrol at the University if s/he does not agree to become bound by the declaration above. By agreeing to become a student, s/he makes the declaration above and agrees to be bound by it.

Each student is required to provide the necessary information required for the University‚Äôs records.  The student is also to keep Enrolment Services and the College of Graduate Studies informed of any changes in his/her name or contact information.

Students are required to inform themselves of the statutes, rules and regulations, and ordinances (including bylaws, codes, and policies) and to any amendments thereto applicable at the University. For more information, please see the Index of Board of Governors Policies ( ) and Senate Policies (

The University authorities do not assume responsibilities for others that naturally rest with adults themselves. This being so, the University relies on the good sense and on the home training of students for the preservation of good moral standards and for appropriate modes of behaviour and dress.

The University and University authorities are not obligated to enforce any statutes, rules, regulations, or ordinances (including bylaws, codes, or policies) if discretionarily enforceable by law or made under its, or their, power or authority.

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