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Research Ethics Board Contacts


For research involving animals, fish or cephalopods, contact the UBC Animal Care Committee.

For research involving bacteria, viruses, plasmids, recombinant DNA, animal tissues or other biohazards, contact the UBC Biosafety Committee.

For research involving human subjects, human tissue, human stem cells or data collected on human subjects, contact the Office of Research Services.

For research involving human subjects, either directly or indirectly, which are non-invasive to the person, contact the UBC Behavioural Research Ethics Board (BREB). The BREB reviews all research involving interviews, focus groups, aptitude testing, internet surveys, telephone polls, or psychological experiments.

For medical research such as clinical trials, epidemiological studies with blood or tissue samples, medical imaging, rehabilitation or exercise programs, genetic banking of tissues or human stem cell research, contact the Clinical Research Ethics Board (CREB).

For more information, check out the website on Research Ethics at UBCO

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