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Table of Contents

 What to include:
  • the abstract
  • the table of contents
  • all other preliminary pages
  • the main divisions and subdivisions of the thesis
  • end notes
  • the bibliography
  • the appendices

Tables, figures, illustrations and appendices must be listed by number and title, and must include a page number.

Avoid using italics unless you are submitting electronically.

The only exceptions to the requirement for a table of contents are musical recitals and some Master of Fine Arts theses. If you think your thesis does not require a table of contents, contact the College of Graduate Studies Thesis Section to confirm this.

The accuracy of the table of contents will be checked at final submission.

Formatting requirements:

  • single page-wide column
  • page numbers right-aligned
  • leader lines (dots) connecting the entries with their page numbers
  • page number for each entry
  • entries in the order given on this web site
  • do not put "page" in front of the page number
  • subheadings indented more than main headings, third-level headings indented more than subheadings, etc.

Sample resources

Help with formatting:

There are many free resources on the Web to help you with creating and formatting a table of contents in Microsoft Word. Here are a few examples of resources:

Adding a table of contents in Word

How to create a table of contents by marking text in Word

How to right-justify page numbers in a typed-in table of contents

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