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Structure of UBC Okanagan Theses and Dissertations

UBC Okanagan's thesis/dissertation structure provides considerably more flexibility than the structures outlined for traditional and manuscript-based theses and dissertations.

Students using submitted journal articles or published articles as research chapters in their thesis/dissertation should be aware the articles must be revised as noted.  Please keep in mind any copyright requirements for published articles.
  • Remove the introduction from each chapter (you may have a brief synopsis). There is only one introduction at the very beginning of the thesis.
  • Remove the conclusions from each chapter (you may have a brief heading of remarks). There is only one conclusion in the whole thesis.
  • Remove the reference/bibliography section from each chapter. There is only one reference/bibliography section in the whole thesis.

Please review the following sections carefully:

Scope of a Doctoral Dissertation

Structure of Theses and Dissertations

Including Published Material in a Thesis or Dissertation


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