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Including Published Material in a Thesis or Dissertation


Students are encouraged to publish work from their research during the course of their degrees. However, the preparation of publications should not significantly impede progress on the thesis, which must remain the student’s and the supervisor’s priority.

Published work must be smoothly integrated into the flow of the thesis to produce a unified and appropriately-sequenced argument. This may require changes and re-writing, and additional material may need to be added to the published work. The Preface must include details of each publication and the collaboration with co-authors (if any).

While some work in the thesis may have been published prior to submission, the thesis must be presented, in both form and content, as a unified whole, and be prepared specifically for submission for examination for the degree. Formatting must be consistent throughout the thesis.

Articles that have been published may be included as separate chapters of the thesis or may be incorporated within the thesis, provided that the usage is suitably acknowledged in the text and the Preface.

Students can be either the sole author or a senior co-author of the journal articles, but must clearly describe their contributions to the research in the Preface.

Use of copyrighted material must be acknowledged in the Preface, and tables and figures must have "Reprinted with permission of…" in their captions.

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