Graduate Online Learning Coaches

Online learning coaches (OLCs) are here to help you navigate the online learning environment, encourage your strengths, and develop personalized strategies you can use to overcome the challenges of academic life and succeed.

OLCs help you find positive change in your studying and learning practices — whether you want to improve your study skills, create a schedule to de-stress your term, or plan ahead for assignments and projects.

Personalized study skills coaching

There are many ways to approach learning, but to learn effectively, you need to tailor your study habits to your own needs. This often means understanding your interests, motivations, and tendencies that influence your learning—and choosing strategies that maximize your strengths.

Through one-on-one, strength-based conversations, online learning coaches help you set, meet, evaluate and achieve your academic goals and connect you with resources to help you succeed in your studies. They also facilitate workshops, drop in sessions, and discussion forums to connect you with other students in your program and help build a sense of academic community.

Providing personalized support specific to your area of study, an online learning coach can help you:

  • Get support with strategies and resources for online learning
  • Learn about online course delivery format and expectations
  • Connect with technology support and help with questions related to Canvas and other UBC platforms and software
  • Find out about campus resources and services specific to your needs to help you succeed
  • Learn how to set, meet, evaluate, and achieve your academic goals in an online learning environment

An OLC can help you develop your skills in:

  • Time management
  • Note taking
  • Reading textbooks
  • Motivation
  • Focusing in class
  • Preparing for exams
  • Metacognition (applying and analysing course information)
  • Writing exams
  • Online learning requirements and expectations
  • Communicating with peers and instructors while studying remotely
  • Group work in online learning
  • Using learning technology
  • Setting goals and planning your term
  • Accessing free student supports and developing a support plan

Online learning coaches can also assist you with referrals to other campus programs and services. If you are not sure where to go for help, an OLC can help guide you to the support you need.


Contact GRADUATe Online Learning Coaches

Connect with an OLC by booking an appointment or dropping in on Mondays from 10 am – 11am PST.

2020 Graduate Online Learning Coaches

My name is Nicole Vanderleest and I am a Graduate Online Learning Coach. As a Masters student myself, I understand that Graduate Studies often brings about challenges as well as rewards. My role is to help support your learning goals and coach you towards academic success! When I’m not Coaching and studying you can find me hiking, practising yoga, swimming, and reading. I’m looking forward to working with you this year!

Contact Nicole at


My name is Saeed, and I am a Senior PhD candidate at UBCO. As a Graduate Online Learning Coach, I am looking forward to helping you overcome challenges of online learning. Thanks to my years of experience as a graduate student, I am familiar with graduate and international student challenges, and I am here to help you achieve your academic goals. Feel free to contact me or book an appointment with me. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Contact Saeed at

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Drop in and join the conversation with fellow Graduate students and your Graduate Online Learning Coaches (GOLCs)

Tune in from wherever you are. Sessions occur weekly on Mondays from 10 – 11 a.m. PST. These drop-ins are a casual way to:

  • Meet and connect with fellow graduate students at UBC Okanagan
  • Share experiences managing online classes, research, and work
  • Identify useful resources available to you
  • Connect with your graduate online learning coaches for learning strategies and support

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