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Do you find the process of writing your thesis or dissertation alienating? Could you use support in meeting College of Graduate Studies deadlines? Have you found it challenging to stick to a schedule for writing? Would you enjoy a consistent, supportive community of writers? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should join a writing group, where you can be motivated and supported by your peers. 

Our goal is to help facilitate the process of forming peer writing groups by providing a point of connection for UBCO graduate students. 

Joining the Peer Writing Group Network

  • Step 1 - Fill out the Registration Form - next intake September 2017
  • Step 2 - Within a week of the registration deadline, a Centre for Scholarly Communication staff member will contact groups to set up an initial meeting. Prior to the meeting, participants should read and respond to questions in UNC's Writing Group Starter Kit
  • Step 3 - During the first meeting, groups will discuss preferences for working together and determine a common meeting time and location. From this conversation, groups may develop ground rules.
  • Step 4 - At each meeting, groups may set writing goals, write together, or exchange drafts, but most importantly, they will support members in making progress. Group members will hopefully see an increase in writing quality and productivity!


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Peer Writing Group Launch & Info Session

May 23
4 - 5 p.m.
Graduate Collegium, ASC 460 

2017/18 Registration Deadlines 

  • Summer Term One: May 29 
  • Winter Term One: September 19 
  • Winter Term Two: January 17

*After each term deadline, interested graduate students may contact the Centre for Scholarly Communication to see if a group that would be interested in accepting new members – it will be up to groups to decide if they accept new members.

Resource Page

Registration Form - next intake September 2017