NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship


September 17, 2018 at 4:00 PM (PST)

Eligibility of Citizenship: Canadian and Permanent Residence
Degree Level: Doctoral
Award Status: Closed
Applicant Status: Incoming Students and Continuing Students


Quick Facts

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) provides financial support to outstanding eligible students pursuing master’s or doctoral studies in a Canadian university in natural sciences or engineering.

Annual Value: $21,000 to $35,000


  • Complete eligibility criteria are available on the NSERC website
  • Potential applicants should also be sure that they are submitting their application to the most appropriate of the three federal funding agencies (CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC). If applicants are unsure whether they should submit their application to CIHR, NSERC, or SSHRC, they should send a half-page summary of their intended research proposal to one of the agencies and ask the agency to confirm in writing (including by e-mail) if they are eligible to apply to that agency. Applicants are advised to err on the side of caution, and ask the funding agency for an assessment rather than guess or assume incorrectly

Evaluation Criteria

Complete evaluation criteria are available on the NSERC website.

Application Procedures

  • Application materials are submitted electronically via the NSERC online application system. Depending on the applicant’s status at the time of application, applications are routed through a Canadian university or directly to NSERC. Applicants must review the NSERC website to determine the correct route for their application materials. Please note that if application materials are submitted to the wrong institution, the application will be withdrawn from the competition
  • Applicants who are to submit their application to the UBC Okanagan campus must submit a complete application package to the College of Graduate Studies
  • Submission of transcripts: applicants who submit their application to UBC, through the Okanagan campus, will be asked to identify a university designate who will upload the applicant’s transcripts to their NSERC application. For the 2018 competition, the university designate for students applying through the Okanagan campus is: Nathan Sletten (graduateawards.ok@ubc.ca).Transcripts will be uploaded, following the internal deadline
    • The College of Graduate Studies may have transcripts on file from admission applications; if so, the applicant must contact the office to confirm the transcripts that are needed for the purpose of the NSERC application and to confirm that all transcripts are complete and up-to-date (degree(s) conferred, all courses include grades). If an applicant is submitting transcripts to the College of Graduate Studies in support of their application, the transcripts must be received in the original, sealed envelopes to be considered official. Only official transcripts will be accepted for all universities, including UBC. Applicants can order their transcripts from their Student Service Centre and have them sent directly to our office. Applicants must include transcripts for all post-secondary studies up until the fall session of the competition year. Questions about transcript requirements should be directed to the College of Graduate Studies by emailing: graduateawards.ok@ubc.ca
  • Submitting the NSERC online application: Application materials are submitted online via the NSERC application portal. Applicants who are to submit their application via the UBC Okanagan campus should check with the College of Graduate Studies to determine when they are to “submit” their application online. The College of Graduate Studies will ask for applicants to submit a PDF copy of their application by the internal deadline. PDF copies can be emailed directly to: graduateawards.ok@ubc.ca
  • The College of Graduate Studies will follow up with each applicant and inform them of when they are to “submit” their application to the NSERC online application portal. Following the internal deadline of the College of Graduate Studies, students may not edit or make changes to their application unless instructed to do so by the College of Graduate Studies and/or a representative from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS)

Nomination Procedures

  • G+PS will provide electronic copies of the references for the applications submitted by current students of the Okanagan campus to the College of Graduate Studies shortly after the internal deadline
  • The College of Graduate Studies will disseminate applications received to graduate programs. Graduate programs will review and score the award applications for students in their program and submit scoring summaries to the College of Graduate Studies
  • The College of Graduate Studies Scholarship and Awards Committee will convene and determine the top-ranked applications that will be submitted to G+PS for further adjudication
  • The quota (the maximum number of nominations that the College of Graduate Studies may submit to G+PS) for the Tri-Council doctoral competition is: TBD (NSERC applications only)
  • The College of Graduate Studies forwards its top-ranked applications to G+PS, which oversees a university-wide adjudication of all nominated applications. Adjudication committees composed of UBC faculty members review and rank nominated applications and select which applications will be forwarded to the national competition. UBC’s nominees are forwarded to NSERC, which oversees a nation-wide competition that selects which NSERC Doctoral applications will be funded
  • Successful applicants are notified by NSERC in the spring
  • Only successful applicants will be notified


Further Information

Questions? Please contact: graduateawards.ok@ubc.ca