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Forms for Leaves and Withdrawals


Leave of Absence form

International students

*Important Note re. International Graduate Students Working Eligibility

International Graduate Students who are on a leave of absence or who are not considered enrolled (ie. they are not classified as “Registered” or “Continuing” status in the SSC) are NOT eligible to work on or off campus.

If International Graduate Students are currently enrolled, they ARE eligible to work a maximum of 20 hours per week throughout the *calendar year.

*Please note: Graduate students have different restrictions for work than undergraduate students. Please refer to our website here under the section “hours of work permitted” for further clarification.

If you have any questions please contact

As an International student:
  • a higher administrative fee is assessed
  • Students who take a leave of absence will no longer be authorized to work on or off campus as they no longer meet the requirements as set out in IRPR 186 (v)
We recommend students contact an International Student Advisor as noted below as a leave can impact your status, health insurance and eligibility:

Students sometimes take a short break from their studies because of illness or academic pressure. You should consult your academic advisor and contact an international student advisor if you are considering taking a break from your studies. Graduate students will need to apply for a leave of absence from the College of Graduate Studies. If you plan to leave the country during your break, request a letter from UBC's Okanagan campus stating that you are eligible to return to your program of studies.

International Programs and Services
Okanagan Campus
FIP226 - 3247 University Way
, BC Canada V1V 1V7

Voluntary Withdrawal form 

A student wishing to withdraw voluntarily from the University must notify the home Graduate Program in writing in order to obtain the approval of the supervisor, graduate program coordinator and the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

A student who does not complete formal withdrawal procedures will be liable for all assessed fees until such procedures are completed. Retroactive withdrawal requests will not be approved by the  College of Graduate Studies unless the Graduate Program confirms in writing that the student did not attend or use any university resources as of the requested effective date of withdrawal.

The academic record will indicate "Voluntary Withdrawal".

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