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The College of Graduate Studies is leading an initiative to develop a list of specially trained and available individuals to serve as Neutral Chairs for thesis and dissertation examinations.

The Neutral Chair attends the oral exam to ensure that the examination is conducted fairly and in accordance with College of Graduate Studies procedures. Because Neutral Chairs are not members of Examination Committees, they are not required to read the student’s thesis, do not question the student during the oral exam, and may not vote.

These volunteers are familiar with the examination policies and procedures of the College of Graduate Studies as indicated in Sections 8.8 and 8.9 of the Policy and Procedure Manual, here: and/or have completed a short training course on Canvas and agreed to have their names made available for those who are scheduling examinations.

We are actively recruiting other faculty to add to this list.  The Canvas course is open for self-enrolment by visiting the following site:  This course consists of six short videos, and a quick quiz asking if you are willing to have your name added to this list.

Active Neutral Chair Participants:

Ramine Adl Heinz Bauschke Joshua Brinkerhoff
Margaret Carlyle Anita Chaudhuri Mike Chiasson 
Greg duManoir Jannik Eikenaar Tamara Freeman
Susan Frohlick Robert Godin Monica Good
Jennifer Gustar Catherine Higgs Melissa Jacques
Jennifer Jakobi Daniel Keyes Robert Lalonde
Francis Langevin Heather Latimer Sean Lawrence
Jessica Lougheed Marie Loughlin Yves Lucet
Virginie Magnat Natalie Matthews
Fiona McDonald Steve McNeil
Laura Meek Bernard Momer
Astrida Neimanis Ilya Parkins Jamie Piercy
Margaret Reeves Mark Rheault Christine Schreyer
Karis Shearer Paul Shipley Zoe Soon
Rebecca Tyson Robert Young Robin Young

Faculty and staff can directly access the e:Vision/graduate studies application system.

Program Admit/Decline Recommendation Deadlines are in place to ensure that applicants receive timely decisions on their applications.

If your program sets an early deadline, we recommend submitting the Program Admit/Decline Recommendations for applicants well before the above deadlines.

The international deadlines are in place to ensure that applicants have sufficient time to obtain study permits.

See our Deadlines database for Program Admit/Decline Recommendation deadlines.

The Application Process Flowchart provides a high-level overview of the application process.

The Canadian University Grading Table provides approximate GPA equivalencies of Canadian universities.

The International Evaluation Manual helps faculty and staff screen applicants for admission to graduate programs. The manual outlines, for each country or territory:

  • minimum admission requirements
  • names and descriptions of degrees (in original language where applicable)
  • common grading scale
  • list of recognized accredited institutions
  • minimum first-class requirements

The Proposed New Okanagan Campus Graduate Awards flowchart outlines the process for developing new graduate awards.


Identify and learn more about the major deadlines applicable to the work you do.



Identify and learn more about the key forms applicable to your work.


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Learn more about the major policies and procedures that help to drive the CoGS.


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