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Graduate Student Fees

All Okanagan campus students are assessed student fees. These fees help cover costs of resources available to students. 

Student fees important for Graduate Students


The U-Pass is a subsidized public transit pass that is mandatory for all students who attend courses one day a week or more at UBC's Okanagan campus. 

Extended Health & Dental Plan

All students at UBC's Okanagan campus are also members of the University of British Columbia Students' Union Okanagan (UBCSUO) and are covered by the UBCSUO Extended Health and Dental Plan. The extended health and dental plan provides coverage for expenses not covered by MSP such as prescription drugs, travel health insurance, paramedical services, and dental care.

Change of coverage period: As soon as students begin their year of studies, they are encouraged to opt out (if eligible) or add family members (an additional charge will apply) to their plan. The deadline to opt-out or add-on to the health plan is September 20th (January 20th for Term 2) of each year. After the deadline, changes to the plan cannot be made. Once the change of coverage period is over, changes cannot be made to the plan.

For information on plan fees or coverage, see Health and Dental Plan, visit the UBCSUO website, or contact the Health and Dental Plan Coordinator.


The i-Med fee is levied to all new international students to cover travel to Canada and the three-month waiting period between first arriving in Canada and the start of the basic provincial health insurance coverage (MSP). This fee is assessed once with your first registration.

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